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Tide finally turns for Edu

When Edu is informed that many spectators rated him Arsenal’s man of the match against Tottenham last weekend, he looks stupefied. ‘Really?’ He is stunned. This is a momentous piece of 0 celine bag 30 cm to inches information. You sense that if he could find all their names and addresses, he would seek them all out to express his gratitude personally. Good news, after all, has been a long time coming. It has not been easy for Eduardo Cesar Duad Gaspar to earn recognition at Highbury.

Weaker men than he might have cut their losses after one of the many strokes of bad fortune he has endured since Arsène Wenger first $675 celine black tall leather boots w signed him from Corinthians in Sao Paulo. First there was the bungled passport, when invalid papers supplied by an agent led to his being turned away at Heathrow, even though he was eligible for legitimate documents. It would take six months for a new passport to be processed, a time blighted by harrowing news back home. His family were robbed at gunpoint, and no sooner had they recovered than his sister, Fabricia, was killed in a car crash. When he did eventually make it to Highbury, he was in no fit state to play football. Twenty minutes into his first appearance 0 celine bag & box man he limped off hamstrung, the first of a series of injuries.

‘When I arrived I had so many problems, everything inside my head was broken,’ he explained. ‘Nobody knew how I felt. Everything changed in my life unexpectedly. One day it was normal celine bag replica, and the next…’ His green eyes glaze over. ‘I wanted so much to show everybody why Arsène Wenger bought me, but I couldn’t play because I didn’t feel strong. Everybody looked at me and thought, “Six million 0 celine a scene 75 hours pounds for Edu? He never plays. He never feels good.”‘

Bought to fill the role vacated by Emmanuel Petit two years ago, he had a chance to impress on his first home start, one year ago to the day against this afternoon’s FA Cup opponents, Middlesbrough. Excruciating. It could hardly have been worse had Laurel and Hardy both squeezed into the No. 17 shirt with him. After fizzing an unstoppable own goal past David Seaman, he was substituted at half-time for $950 new celine us 10 eu 40 dress black satin high heels classic pumps shoes box his own good and admitted he was very down. ‘I wasn’t prepared for English football at the time.’

But what he 0 celine bag $700 celine multicolour canvas slip on trainers sneakers plaid love life eu38 30 cm to feet was prepared for was to keep fighting. ‘I’ve forgotten about some of my problems, like my injuries and my passport, but a day never passes when I don’t think about my lovely sister. However difficult it was, though, I was always driven to succeed here. I kept telling myself, “You have to win this battle”.’ He made the 0 celine 173823ska 18cc conversion vital breakthrough this spring, at last robust enough in body and soul to earn his first decent run in the team. ‘When you play a few games you feel more confident and it’s much easier because you build an understanding with your team-mates. Now, when I take the ball in the middle of the park, I know where Patrick [Vieira] is moving or where Freddie [Ljungberg] is running.’

Blessed with an elegant touch, effortless passing and enthusiastic spirit, suddenly Edu looks the partner for Vieira that Arsenal have been missing since Petit departed. And at only 23, there is time for further refinements. Wenger says: ‘This is much more like the Edu I saw in Brazil. He is getting better and better with every game and if he keeps improving he will be more and more influential.’

Edu is eternally thankful to his manager for encouraging him when critics sniggered that Wenger had purchased a flop. ‘I was lucky because he defended me very passionately,’ he says. ‘When I read the newspapers with my English 0 celine bag barney’s beanery teacher, 0 celine a scene 75 hours Arsène Wenger always said kind words. He always said he believed in me, which meant a lot. Now, after all my problems, I want to finish the season with a medal. That would be a fantastic victory for me.’

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